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A letter from our founder:

Dear Home Seller or Buyer,

My name is Jerrod Morse and I’m so pleased you’re here.

Buying a property can be quite stressful. I know that feeling very well. I served in the United States Air Force for 22 years and during that time, I bought and sold multiple homes. I found it difficult to navigate the logistics, loan process, and construction aspects of buying a home while under tight military deadlines. Time and time again, I found myself feeling anxiety ridden, confused, and under the gun (pardon the pun), until I found a real estate agent that was also a military veteran. Her unique ability to help me find the best property for my family combined with her expansive knowledge on real estate transformed my home buying experience. It felt fun and exciting instead of a giant task to mark off on my to do list.

This experience made such an impact on my life that after retiring from the military, I decided to move into real estate full time. I’m passionate about helping people navigate the loan process, organize their construction projects, and ultimately, find or create their dream home.

Home is truly where the heart is and it’s such an honor helping my valued clients find a place for theirs to land.

I look so forward to serving you,
Jerrod Morse